Wellcome to Music Bee

Music Bee is a company that supplies CDs of Liturgical Music for use in Primary Schools. It was started by Carmel Thomas, herself a Catholic Music Teacher in Essex, after she realised that there was a shortage of musicians available to aid the use of Liturgical Music in Catholic Primary Schools. She was constantly being asked by other schools for copies of her own music on CD and has now produced a series of CDs called ‘Carmel Plays’, which are now used in schools throughout the country.

CDs and acetates, for overhead projectors, are available together with details of the relevant Key Stage and related topics for use with the ‘Here I Am’ scheme, an invaluable resource for schools.

Six volumes are available, which can be used as part of assembly or hymn practice and in the classroom. Also, many Primary RE Advisors are now encouraging teachers to use Liturgical Music to compliment prayer and meditation as part of the RE lesson.

There is no singing on the CDs so it can be used as a backing for the children to sing to or simply to create the right atmosphere.

These CDs now come with the recommendation of Fr. Roger Barralet OFM, Schools Advisor, Cliton Diocese; Sr. Jude Groden RSM Primary RE Advisor, Brentwood Diocese; and Advisors from all over the country as a practical resource for Schools.